Abu Md Jehangir (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


The pir's – Kashmir Baba's - family members are spoken of with as much affection as his own. They are also intermarried. Jehangir was especially friendly with the pir's second son: Hazrat Shah Syed Ataur Rahman Quadery. Ataur had two sons – one lived in India, the other in Bangladesh. Ataur was a businessman and a very close friend of the poet, singer and revolutionary Kazi Nazrul Islam. Nazrul in his youth lived for five months next to their family's mazar (saint's tomb) and Jehangir feels that he has a close connection to Nazrul – one of the most famous poets of both Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Nazrul Islam lived with us for five months and composed two of his most famous songs here, 'bagichay bulbuli' and 'o bideshini, bisshero bashi'. We still sing these songs and remember those days.

Ataur married a woman from India. He married into Malda's illustrious zamindar (landlord) family: the Ghani Kahn Chowdhurys. His wife's brother was Abu Barkat Ataur Ghani Khan Chowdhury (1927–2006), a prominent politician of West Bengal and a senior leader of the Congress. Considered the right hand of Indira Gandhi, he was also Railway Minister (1982–1984) and Power Minister and Minister of the whole of West Bengal. When Indira Gandhi visited she stayed in their place in Kotwali village near Malda town.

Nazrul Islam


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