Anwara (Satkhira, Bangladesh)


Anwara has very little contact with her brothers or other family members in India but she thinks of them very often and hopes they are well.

I was too frightened to return – even for a visit. My brothers used to come to see me here but not any more; they're old now and it's difficult for them to travel.

It is expensive to make telephone calls so people in the southern part of Bangladesh rarely keep in touch  with their relatives on the other side of the border by phone. When they can, they just take a boat and travel through the forest to visit relatives but this is now becoming impossible as border guards from both countries open fire on people, thinking they are smugglers.

I would have loved my brothers to come see me one last time but I think this will not be possible as travelling through the tide country is not easy. The thin bamboo bridges connecting one island to the other are difficult and the boat trips expensive as the guards have to be bribed. Now I just look forward to my grandchildren growing up and watching my neighbours build their new house. Bamboo bridges


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