My Journey by Abida

One early morning while I was nibbling my bread, I heard that dad was talking about going back to London. Mum said 'Okay I’ll tell everyone to pack their bags'. Then me and my dad pushed our chairs back and climbed upstairs, when I got to my room I felt so upset because I didn’t want to go . I dumped my clothes in the suitcase and slipped my shoes in and rushed downstairs. 'Come on lets go'.'What’s the hurry' yelled dad. My feet skidded in the floor everyone got in the car, we rushed to the airport when we got there we saw a long queue. Then my sister was waddling somewhere else. I couldn’t breathe, I was really worried then my mum saw me worried she said 'what’s wrong dear?' then I said mum look up there when we got there my dad carried my sister down her tears was flowing down like rain drops on her face. Our flight was about to begin I felt really happy when we got back to London. I was writing about my holiday in Florida in my dairy.

Abida's drawing

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