My Journey by Fayed

It was early in the morning and my mum woke me up rudely. 'Hurry up Fayed,' 'Ok, fine minutes more,' I shouted. 'No, eat your breakfast we’re going to miss the flight' mum yelled. 'The minicabs here,' shouted my brother, 'Get dressed Fayed and eat your breakfast quickly.' 'Ok dad.' We were going to Bangladesh to visit my family. I was going with mum, dad, sister and my two brothers. My dad was wearing his best suit and my mum had packed out lunch. My sister was annoying me because she kept on asking when the plane is coming. It was midnight. We arrived at the airport and we went straight to the flight attendant. We were going to put our luggage on the luggage carousel but the lady said, 'sorry but we can’t carry on, you have got to much luggage.' 'But we have to go or we’re going to miss the flight,' argued my mum. 'Well you can’t go if you have got too much luggage, we have to take some out.' Mum looked worried and at the same time she didn’t want to miss the plane. 'Fayed what should I do, should I leave some luggage behind or wait take and take it?' mum asked. 'I think we should wait and take it,' I replied. 'Alright,' mum agreed. 'Everybody, hurry up there’s just two minutes left and the planes going to take off,' dada shouted. We ran as fast as we could to catch the plan, we caught it in time. The flight took a long time but eventually we arrived and had a lovely time.

Fayed's drawing

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