My Journey by Tanhaz

When I was eating my breakfast my dad ran in the room saying that 'we had a holiday to Sunderland.' I was so excited I knocked my bowl of cereal over. I ran in my room and I started to pack my clothes. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to deep it a secret. My dad said' the plane leaves tomorrow. So I had my dinner and watched some TV and went to sleep. In the morning my dad said' hurry up and eat your breakfast, the plane leaves at 12 o clock. So I got dressed and ate my breakfast. When we got in the plane we found some seats, when it got in the air, we found some seats. When it got in the air it nearly made me vomit. The next day we were supposed to arrive there already, but the plane kept going. Mum and dad got worried. Five hours later we got off the plane. Everything looked different, than, I saw a sign say welcome to America. We were all confused we didn’t know what to do. Then the plane driver said 'tomorrow I’ll take you to Sunderland'. So we went to a hotel, everyone was sad. I went to sleep. The next day I got dressed. I didn’t bother eating. We went to the airport. When we got on the plane we found some seats, and we kept talking until we got there. Me and my cousin were so happy. After that we had a snow fight. I had a great time in Sunderland.

Tanhaz's drawing

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