My Trip to Bangladesh by Sharmin

Last year I went on a trip to Bangladesh. My mum had already packed our bags and we were getting ready to go. We brushed our teeth and we ate breakfast and we put our clothes on and finally we were ready to go. We got out of the house and everyone go in the car. We only had half an hour to get there. My dad drove as fast as he could or we would miss the flight. Finally we go there we were rushing to the plane. But we couldn’t find it. We told a man that worked there, he looked around for the plane and they found it. We were too early to leave. The man had told us the wrong time to leave. They still had 3 hours to go. And we had left a suitcase behind but we were scared to go back and get, because we thought we would miss the flight. So we went back to get the suitcase. We go in the car. But then I was feeling hungry. My dad checked the time, we still had lots of time left. So we had some snack and then we got out of the house and back in the car. My dad drove us to the airport again. Then when we arrived the plan was getting ready to go. We on the plane and went off. The food wasn’t that nice! Finally we arrived. We had a lovely time. I saw all my cousins. I played a new game called ludo. I really want to go there again.

Sharmin's drawing

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