My Trip to Dubai by Amina

One day while I was in my house in London, mum and dad were in the kitchen talking about our holiday. I was under the table and I heard everything that was said. I was very sunny day. At the evening we had lunch together my dad said that we are going to Dubai with my aunty. After lunch we went to bed, before we went to bed we had to get ready for bed. Then while mum and dad was watching TV I quietly got my mobile and called my aunty and I said mum and dad had a plan to go on holiday. So I put my mobile back in my bag. Then next morning mu aunty knocked on the door. So my dad opened the door and let her come in. He took her to the sitter room. My mum was so happy to see her she had all her bags. Even my dad was happy so my dad woke us up. So we got dressed had breakfast and we got in the car while dad parked the car we went in the airport. We nearly missed the aeroplane. My little was holding my hand we went to the aeroplane we found a seat and relaxed. So we arrived in Dubai, we saw our aunty. She took us to the hotel we said that we could live in Dubai so we felt so happy that we started going to our new school. Our cousin looked after us. She showed us everywhere at school in Dubai. It is a bit hot when we arrived home we were so happy and very tired as well. We had lunch and went back to our room. We went to bed. So the next morning I was the only person who woke up so early. In the room that day at school I learned to speak Arabic. So when I went home I spoke to my mum and dad in Arabic. I love Dubai.

Amina's drawing

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