My Trip to Scotland by Habiba

It was summer holidays. I was playing hide and seek with my friends when I heard the news. I was so excited I jumped and bumped my head on the table. I asked mum and dad, 'can I start packing the bags?' mum and dad said 'yes'. I told my friends I’m going away. I started packing, I packed my best swimming costume, I packed my new clothes also. I t was time for supper. Today we were having chicken soup and fruit salad. After that I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Today was finally the day I woke up brushed by teeth, brushed my hair and got ready for breakfast. Everyone was ready and feeling excited about our holiday to the beach. We called a taxi which picked us up and took us to the airport. We got on the plane and my tummy was rumbling I always feel a bit sick on planes, we landed at the airport we saw lots of bags and we didn’t find ours so we saw two bags that were the same we thought it was outs. But it wasn’t so we asked the man who gives out the bags at last we found them. My one didn’t come, the man came back and gave me my bag. My dad’s friend came to pick us up when we got to his house I couldn’t wait to go the beach. I ran in the sea. I had a great time!

Habiba's drawing

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